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#20 Happy at Work - Aoife O’Brien

December 8, 2020

"I have been in situations in the workplace where it was just a toxic environment. How do we protect workers from entering into that type of scenario? How do we help companies to make better decisions when it comes to hiring to help them to retain staff, to create a better and more collaborative environment. But also how do we match?" "How do you find that match between a person and an organisation?" Aoife O'Brien


Are you happy at work?  In this week's episode Aoife and I explore the concept of happiness at work - globally only about 15% of people claim to be fully engaged at work.  We talk about the shift that is going on in workplaces towards the knowledge that you can actually do something that you really enjoy and feel the sense of contribution to the world as well.  We discuss the importance of understanding your values.  We talk about bullying, toxic workplaces, imposter syndrome and psychological safety.  Aoife shares many stories from her own career.  She also talks about her recent dissertation on workplace fit and in particular we discuss the concepts of autonomy, relatedness and competency.  


Aoife O’Brien has 20+ years of identifying and solving business problems in a global context. She helps companies to drive productivity and profitability through people analytics.  Aoife believes that everyone deserves to be happier at work and that this can be done by increasing overall 'fit' in the workplace - understanding work culture and hiring for that culture. She is based in Dublin, Ireland, and works online with people all over the world.


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Podcast: Happier at Work



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