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#47 Social Glue - Steve Haines

#47 Social Glue - Steve Haines

June 15, 2021

"So, I want you to be a sommelier to your body!  But to do that we have to practice. You start with really fundamentals. How do I know what joy is?" Steve Haines.


Steve's fourth book, Touch is Really Strange, was released in April 2021. Steve explains the science of touch. We talk about how in social groups where there's an equality touch is supportive and helps the process of working as a team and clearly in work situations that can be useful. Steve says we can rediscover our sense of safety and agency through safe touch or skilful touch and reminds us of the need to negotiate consent around touch and be aware of how your touch might be received. Steve describes hugs as transformational gestures of acceptance. He says that when we touch someone we touch their whole person and not just a part of them and that we are far more complex than our parts. We also talk about how touch helps us feel real, the armness of an arm and why we can't tickle ourselves! 


Steve Haines has been a bodyworker for over 20 years. Understanding the science of pain and trauma has transformed his approach to healing. He runs regular clinics in London and Geneva and teaches all over the world. He is the author of the award winning ‘Anxiety Is Really Strange’, part of a series of graphic books that include ‘Pain Is Really Strange’, ‘Trauma Is Really Strange’ and 'Touch is Really Strange'. He has studied Yoga, Shiatsu, Craniosacral Therapy, and Trauma Releasing Exercises TRE®.


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Resources Mentioned:

Touch is Really Strange, Steve Haines -

Antonio Damasio - 

Lisa Feldman Barrett - 

Episode 10, Life Beyond the Numbers, This Feeling Business


#46 Being Bold - Lọ́lá Béjidé

#46 Being Bold - Lọ́lá Béjidé

June 8, 2021

"It's not about where you start. It's about the potential you show others that will determined where you finish." Lọ́lá Béjidé


Lọ́lá is an early career strategist and we talk about how, as you navigate your career, do you figure out the best way to step up and stand out with your skills, talents, potential, and you demonstrate it all. We cover the difference between culture fit and culture add, promoting diversity, moving from 'fantasy land' to 'reality land' and how to know as a manager, leader or employer that you are actually equipping and empowering your talent to grow, develop and flourish. Lọ́lá encourages us not to sell ourselves short, to be architects of our career and she says if you start strong, you're only going to get stronger. 


Lọ́lá Béjidé is a certified ICF career coach specialising in helping young professionals navigate their corporate careers and being “architects of their career”. A passionate believer in empowering the learners today to become the leaders of tomorrow. Before founding Soluman Consultancy, she spent 20+ years as a senior Business Manager & Global training lead in the corporate world working within organisations such as Merrill Lynch, Zenith Bank (Nigeria), HSBC, JP Morgan, ABN AMRO and Barclays.


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#45 Wellbeing Toolbox - Nicholas Jemetta

#45 Wellbeing Toolbox - Nicholas Jemetta

June 1, 2021

"...understanding your strengths and also understanding other people's strengths is the key to effective communication, effective relationships and avoiding some of the conflict that can happen, especially in the workplace..." Nicholas Jemetta.


Nicholas Jemetta is merging his two worlds of digital technology geekery and mental health and wellbeing. In 2018 he shared his mental health story and it awakened something in him. He took that energy into the workplace and started to lobby for change by being proactive and taking responsibility. During lockdown he started #fancydress4mentalhealth and on June 11th (2021) he will wear his 100th fancy dress costume to work. Nick says we are all overflowing pots of awesomeness and just because we might struggle with our mental health at some points in our life it shouldn't put us a box, apply labels to us, limit our happiness or our potential. Nick also speaks about his wellbeing toolbox, growing and nurturing a network, loving his squiggly life and being able to see the lighter side of life. He also shares his strategy of (1) tuning in to yourself and your feelings, (2) having a wonder wall and worry wall, and (3) asking for help and support. 


Nicholas Jemetta, an Award Winning Mental Health Campaigner, uncovered a deeper purpose as a motivational speaker and mental health campaigner.  He is on a journey to fuse his product management craft with a passion for mental health, whilst meeting as many inspiring people as he can on the way. He has accepted anxiety as one of his superpowers. If you think you can help, reach out! Alternatively, get in touch if he can help you create memorable software products, or memorable and mentally healthy cultures where people love to work.


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Resources Mentioned:

Hub of Hope App

Hub of Hope App is developed by Chasing the Stigma

The Squiggly Careers Podcast

Just Giving


#44 Preparation & Practice - Carlos Gimeno

#44 Preparation & Practice - Carlos Gimeno

May 25, 2021

"I think that's a key component of public speaking, a key component of communication and a key component of confidence because the more you listen in the better your answers and your statements become the more powerful and influential and respected you become." Carlos Gimeno. 


Carlos Gimeno thinks there are two things that everyone should know about before they join the workplace, yet no school or university teaches them, one is financial literacy and the other is public speaking skills. Public speaking is something we all do all the time - every time we speak with another human. It is not a one-way exercise. Carlos shares some great practical strategies to improve our public speaking. We talk about crafting your message, simplicity, silence, listening, pausing and clarity. We also talk about how much our eyes and hands are involved when we speak. Carlos shares why feedback can be so frustrating and the power of posing questions. He also introduces us to his technique of 'Storyology' and the four steps involved in effective storytelling.  


Carlos Gimeno founded Cg to fill a gap in the education and professional training system: Public Speaking Coaching. Carlos believes in the power of the spoken word to drive positive change. Expressing your ideas clearly, meaningfully and persuasively is a fundamental skill in the world we inhabit.  Cg helps you and your organisation craft and deliver memorable Public Speaking, whether you are communicating with an audience of one or hundreds. Carlos has 16 years of international commercial experience in Publishing, a degree in Journalism, fluency in English and Spanish and 10 years of training as a Public Speaker.


Connect with Carlos:

On his website Cg Public Speaking Coaching

On LinkedIn


Resources Mentioned:

Public Speaking: A Very Practical Introduction by Carlos Gimeno

Thanks for the Feedback: The Science and Art of Receiving Feedback Well by Douglas Stone and Sheila Heen

Toastmasters International 

#43 Putting People First - Luke Kyte

#43 Putting People First - Luke Kyte

May 18, 2021
"And I know those results have really just materialised from that dynamic of putting people first." Luke Kyte. 
Those results include:
  • Team retention: 97% team retention over the last two years. 
  • Revenue & profit: increased 40% and 60% respectively 
  • Annual leave: Since the introduction of unlimited holiday, annual leave has increased an average of 37% in the team 
  • Sickness: per person has dropped to 0.46 days a year – the UK ave is 4.1. This demonstrates the effectiveness of policies that put people first. 


Luke Kyte speaks openly about a cultural revolution at Reddico. In the early years the focus was on creating a fun place to work but they had missed some important ingredients that create a culture - like putting people first and giving people more responsibility, trust and freedom to work in a way that is right for them. Luke talks us through their journey from traditional management and traditional mindsets to where they are today with self-management. As a company they are constantly evolving and changing, there is no standing still. But now they have a way of working and level of transparency that reassures people and creates psychological business owners out of the team. 


Luke Kyte is Head of Culture & Business Improvement at Reddico. His background is in Journalism and he originally joined Reddico as a content writer. He rolled out Reddico's culture manifesto in 2018, and has since helped Reddico to become the 4th best place to work in the UK, transitioning the business from a traditional framework, to one focused on self-management. He writes for the Corporate Rebels and speaks at events on Reddico's journey as well as workplace culture. 


Connect with Luke

On LinkedIn

On Twitter @LukeKyte101


Reddico recent awards

  • Best Large SEO Agency Finalist European Search Awards 2021
  • Best Agency to Work For Winner Company Culture Awards 2021
  • 5th in UK’s Best Workplaces™ Great Place To Work® 2021
  • Best Small SEO Agency Winner European Search Awards 2020


Resources Mentioned

Maverick - Ricardo Semler

The Happy Manifesto - Henry Stewart

Reinventing Organizations - Frederic Laloux

#42 Metamorphosis - John Shinnick

#42 Metamorphosis - John Shinnick

May 11, 2021
"And I'm interested, fascinated by, both how businesses work and how people work in them. And it's great to see things move and to see some things go back two steps before they go forward". John Shinnick. 
John Shinnick dropped out of university to get away from accounting. He wanted to work with people - but he found his way back to accountancy after a cousin of his told him: "Numbers don't make decisions. People do." His cousin also said he would spend most of his time dealing with people's fears and aspirations. John kept getting drawn back to how people think and got onto a trail of trying to understand more about how people do things and while working as a partner in a global accountancy practice John studied NLP and Hypnotherapy. He talks about the work he does now in coaching, mentoring and advising. We discuss the fears leaders have, groupthink, language, learning styles and change. John also shares some stories to illustrate how people cannot not communicate and how he speaks 93% of all languages. 


John Shinnick works with entrepreneurial people and businesses who recognise that there is a tension between reward and risk and who want to get the best out of their ideas and people. He has an accounting and advisory backgrounds but his focus has largely been on commercial negotiation and strategy and getting the very best out of people and teams. He is an NLP Practitioner, holds European Mentoring and Coaching Council certification and advised entrepreneurial minds as a partner in a global accounting firm for 25 years. He is also a NED and Board Advisor.


Connect with John:

On LinkedIn

Through his website


Resources Mentioned: 

Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP)

European Mentoring and Coaching Council (EMCC)

Honey and Mumford Learning Styles

Metamorphosis, Franz Kafka

Dunbar Number (BBC Article: why-we-can-only-maintain-150-relationships)


#41 Workplace Compilation - Various

#41 Workplace Compilation - Various

May 4, 2021

This week I've collated some stories related to the workplace from episodes that went out between January and April 2021. 

  • First up is Kevin Ashley, #32 Serial Entrepreneur, who shares his secret to building a successful business
  • Next Gib Bulloch, #28 Breakthrough, talks about dignity at work and shares a cautionary tale
  • Next Megan Haupt, #25 Your Career Story, shares her unique perspective on how to overcome workplace horror stories
  • Next Glin Bayley, #39 H.E.A.R.T., speaks about the work environment and also how to figure out what you want to do
  • Then John Collins, #26 Guinness & Tea, tells us that it is possible to work somewhere that has a people, planet, profit and purpose alignment
  • Finally Sheila Walsh, #27 Health High Performance, shares her story about on working as part of a healthy, high performing leadership team.
#40 ….and Breathe

#40 ….and Breathe

April 27, 2021

Do you ever think about your breath or breathing?  Do you notice when it quickens or slows?


This week's episode is a little different as we share three breathing techniques kindly prepared for us by Gavin Andrews, MD of HeartMath UK. Gavin was a guest a couple of weeks ago, episode #38. There is a short bit for me first on my own awareness of breath and then I briefly introduce the three techniques. But Gavin provides an intro to each during the recording also. 

The three techniques in this episode are: 

  1. Heart Focused Breathing - create coherence or balance. It can help shift from strongly negative or unpleasant, stressful emotions into more of a neutral emotional space.
  2. Quick Coherence - useful technique to use before, during and after challenging or stressful events. 
  3. Freeze Frame - a technique that proactively use the state of coherence to engage with a problem or a situation to solve it by opening up rather than narrowing our perspective.


"The breath is a door. It’s where you and I and everyone else began. 

It’s where all life begins. Without the breath, what is there?" 

Wim Hof


Connect with Gavin:




#39 H.E.A.R.T. - Glin Bayley

#39 H.E.A.R.T. - Glin Bayley

April 20, 2021

"I think if we did ask each other: Does what you do make you happy? It does stop someone in their tracks to go well, why am I pursuing a certain path? Is this the right reason for me to pursue it? Because I think we're much better in delivering our gifts and talents when we're in a space of happiness and joy." Glin Bayley.


Glin Bayley went into accounting and finance because it was something she was really good at it. Over time she began to recognise that finance didn't feed her soul. A series of incidents, personal and professional, led her to examine her life and follow her heart. She shares what that was like and the realisation that in 17 years of striving to be a CFO nobody had ever asked her would it make her happy. She aligned her head and her heart, took risks, and now helps others to do the same. She talks us through her H.E.A.R.T. framework: Hope, Energy, Action, Resilience and Trust. We also talk about comparison being a guide to joy, vulnerability as a superpower, The Wizard of Oz, and I learn a new word: sonder (and a new swear word). 


Glin Bayley is a heart centred leader who has a passion for performance while being a strong advocate for wellbeing. She recognises that when leaders are doing work aligned to their desires, capabilities and vision they are happier, healthier and business performance accelerates as a result. She had a 17 year career as a senior commercial finance executive for some of the world’s leading blue-chip companies. Now as the founder of Heart of Human, she helps female leaders to consciously create a life they love and be unstoppable by being themselves at their best.


Connect with Glin:

On LinkedIn

Heart of Human is her website

And Unstoppable Woman her podcast


Resources Mentioned:

Unstoppable Woman, Glin Bayley

Healing After Heartbreak, Glin Bayley  


#38 Tech & Ancient Wisdom - Gavin Andrews

#38 Tech & Ancient Wisdom - Gavin Andrews

April 13, 2021

"Coherence is not relaxation. It's a state between activation and relaxation, which is optimal for your performance. So you feel calm and focused. You can do stuff. You can think, you can engage in things." Gavin Andrews. 


Gavin Andrews introduces us to the HeartMath system - a system that combines technology with ancient wisdom. We talk about the techniques of connecting with our own hearts to tap into the powerful information source; how to breathe in a slow, deep and balanced way and about emotional self-regulation - as Gavin says being human is about emotion and we are feeling creatures. He also introduces us to the science that validates these techniques and explains the biofeedback technology HeartMath designed. We touch on anxiety and stress, mindfulness and meditation, appreciation and compassion, flow and optimal performance and happiness. 


Gavin Andrews is MD of HeartMath UK and Ireland, a Resilience, Wellbeing and Stress Management business. He is also a co-founder of The Syntropy Partnership, a digital art business creating audio visual relaxation aids and breath pacers. And he is the founder of WeAddHeart, a global heart-focused meditation movement. He is passionate about helping people and businesses connect with the heart of who they REALLY are. 


Connect with Gavin:



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